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This is Wanaka.

Wanaka, New Zealand

-Home to waterfalls and mountaintops-


I’ve been a little quiet lately, it’s not because I’ve forgotten all about blogging and disconnected from life. Totally the opposite. There has been a lot of things going on recently, you might have seen it on my Instagram if you follow me there. You’ll find my Instagram here: @onceinoctober.

After spending almost a year in New Zealand, working and living in Auckland and traveling NZ’s both islands living in a tent, wwoofing, river swimming and photographing so much my eyes and fingertips ached after a day.
In the middle of June I ended up going home to Sweden for a family emergency. My very loved grandfather passed away so it was time for some quality time at home.
I spent about 6 months at home working with photography, traveled a bit but mostly enjoyed seeing my friends and family.

I am now relocated to France and am writing this in a house an hour away from Paris, a city I have never seen until yesterday.
Anyways, this post is not about Paris or France… There will be more about France later :).
Right now I want to share some photos with you from Wanaka, my favorite little town on New Zealand’s south island.
I’m not going to write too much about it, I will show you some of the photos instead, which probably won’t do the place justice… because it’s absolutely stunning! One of the most gorgeous places my eyes have seen, and the hikes you can do! Just WOW.
I’ll let you see for yourself…

If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand’s south island, a stop in Wanaka is a must!
I would highly recommend going in autumn, seeing the trees change color and the mountaintops slowly spraying themselves with snow is magical.
However, there will be more waterfalls during spring so I guess it’s a matter of preference.
There’s a million of reasons for why traveling New Zealand by car is far better than flying but I’ll let these photos speak for themselves…RoadPhotos_Web-13
I absolutely love camping, I always have. There really is something special about waking up breathing fresh air, looking out of the tent getting hit by the first sun rays of the day and having breakfast on a portable stove freezing your fingers off but not caring because the fog is totally distracting you with its magical appearance.

Around Wanaka there’s some really gorgeous hikes, some of the worlds best some may state. A lot of travel photographers have come this way and will come back or just not leave. The views you can find here, if you know where to go, are breathtaking.DiamondLake_Web-16
One of my favorite hikes in Wanaka is the Rob Roys Glacier track, pictured below.
It has a little bit of everything; green forest, snow covered mountaintops, a swinging bridge, rivers and waterfalls,. It’s very special.RoysGlacier_Web-4And of course it´s in Wanaka that you’ll find #thatwanakatree . Probably one of the only trees in the history of… trees that has its own active hashtag. You won’t be alone photographing this tree, that’s for sure!

Photographers from far are traveling here just to get a shot of this tree and if it’s a night with a gorgeous sunset there will be a dozen photographers lined up to get their photo.
You have to be very lucky to get it for yourself.

This is only a tiny part of all the photos I took during my stay in Wanaka. If I would post them all there would be no end to this post. I can’t recommend Wanaka enough for anybody with an adventurous soul.

Have you been to New Zealand? What was your favorite place?
Reach out in the comments, I love hearing your opinions and will answer all questions in time :)!

Thanks for checking out my blog!
xx Angeliqa


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