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The magical Santorini

I pressed write.
I have something to tell you…

Santorini-13 copy

I went on a cruiseship!
I know right?! So not my usual way to travel… But I enjoyed it.
I’m not going to talk too much about the cruise itself, unless you ask me to ;).
What I will tell you about though, are the places it brought us to… More precise, my favorite place it brought us – Santorini!
Oh wow.

Santorini might be the most gorgeous, most romantic, most clean place I have ever visited. (Rome is up there in the top too.)


You can see our MSC cruiseship right there 😉

Everyone knows Greece is a gorgeous country to visit, but Santorini… It’s a class for itself.
The whitewashed tetris built buildings, surrounded by the Agean ocean, with a panoramic view over the small islands looking up on the beauty of Santorini.
The fact it’s all located on an old vulcanic eruption makes it even more incredible.
If this isn’t enough to get your wanderlust going, it also has pink flowers and cobblestone alleys.
There’s tiny hidden places everywhere you look, it feels like it’s impossible to see it all….
And it’s completely wonderful.


I have not stopped uploading photos of Santorini, and Greece, to my instagram…
Besides New Zealand, I think Greece is my must uploaded content, judged by country, ever. I just can’t stop.
I actually felt a little bad for my boyfriend having to walk around with me in Santorini.
I could not not take photos. There was no choice to be made. It had to be captured.
I even had him take a photo of me dingling my legs off the edge, here it is:


I fell in love. I’m still in love and get this bubbling feeling talking about it.
Even the tiniest details made my heart bubble…


And honestly, looking down was not that bad either…


I have to stop writing now, I have a festival to get ready for and I haven’t even showered yet.
This is what talking about Santorini does to me.

I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂


11 thoughts on “The magical Santorini

    • It is a wonderful place isn’t it :).
      I’m using a Canon 6D for the photos above. However, it’s not really as much about the camera as it is about the person holding it.
      So even if I see your comment as a compliment, it’s not the camera taking the photos :).

      Take care lovely.


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