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When dreams come true – An Australia tale

East coast, Australia

– Dreams coming true –

Emilia_Palmtree-3I’m going through & sorting out my hard drives and keep on finding photos from my years in Australia. There’s a story I’ve never told here, I haven’t written about it properly… So here it goes :D.

Angeliqa_Noosa_HiRes-33 (kopia)Once upon a time (it feels like another lifetime, but it was only a couple years ago) in a faraway country my friend sent me a link for a competition; A travel company was looking for a “intern” to come with them for a marketing campaign . It seemed like a dream and at first glance and I couldn’t imagine for a second that I would be chosen for it, but what did I have to loose?


The next couple weeks I spent all my energy to make them notice me, to build my presence and to visualize myself winning the internship.  I could feel it in my whole being, but I was so nervous I was going to fail, and therefore loose my hope for dreams and my sunny vision…
Then one day, I was on the couch with a cold when the call came… the call that told me that they had chosen me. They wanted me to come with them, to photograph the travels, document and write about the experiences. To top it off they wanted me to bring 3 friends along for the ride.



We spent the next couple weeks being interviewed on national tv & radio.
We went surfing, bungy jumping (never doing that again, haha), scuba diving… and of course taking heaps of photos.
It was such an incredible way of experiencing Australia, especially since I had spent most of my time in Sydney before this. I would’ve never been able to see all this on my own. I’m so grateful I got the chance to go with Experience Oz.Angi_Yoga-2I believe this is one of the most incredible things that has ever happened to me. Not only because I won, but because it made me feel like anything is possible. With hard work, dedication and belief ✨.


So I guess what I’d like to say is this: 
Wherever you have been before, whatever has happened to you, or whatever it is that you might think you can’t achieve… it can change in a second.

Believe you can and you will.


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