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Dreams of Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco

– Dusty sun rays and flying carpets –

In October I had my birthday (that’s months ago I know). As a birthday present my boyfriend & his family wanted to give me an experience that they know I will remember. They know how much I love to travel and booked me a surprise trip in november, somewhere warm (that’s all I got to know beforehand)… After a stressful autumn I couldn’t wait to wander some new horizons, I really couldn’t be more grateful.

As I realised we were going to Marrakech, a place that I’ve been wanting to go to forever… I was above and beyond happy!


Something happens when I travel, all of a sudden I’m a street photographer, taking photos of everything I find pretty. Which is a lot of things, haha.
Watch out broken doors and wore down facades.

DreamsOfMarrakech-84 DreamsOfMarrakech-9DreamsOfMarrakech-80

The view from our hotel allowed us to see across all of the city over to the mountains and the new city.
I was up for sunrise more than once, only to listen to the roosters calling in the morning and seeing the first rays of sunshine moving across the rooftops.


Marrakech is a photographers dream, and nightmare, all at the same time.
The light of the Medina (the old city) is incredible, but you only get a couple of minutes of it before it moves around a corner and shines through a different street.
You also have to pay attention to rushing mopeds, and trucks, flying past you in the very narrow alleyways.


We spent our days walking A LOT. Everywhere we wanted to go, we walked there. In my opinion this is the best way of really experiencing a city. You see all the good things, but also the bad. You get to soak up all the smells and listen to the language.
Experiencing through walking really paints the city you’re in with real colors. You’ll find interesting corners and places you didn’t know where there. Spaces and things you won’t see on Instagram :).


Of course we made time for food. On the picture below we were trying one of Moroccos most famous dishes; tagine, on a rooftop located on top of a photography museum.
This vegetarian tagine will go down as one of the best foods I’ve tried whilst traveling. It felt like eating a part of Marrakech. The atmosphere probably helped. I enjoyed every second of it looking out over the city with the sun warming my back and the museums cat walking around our legs.


This post got a little delayed, it’s been laying here waiting to be published but somehow I just forgot about it.
We also did a roadtrip (of course! You know how much I love them :D) up into the mountains, would you like a separate post covering the road trip??


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