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Let me take you to Pai…

Pai, Thailand

– Waterfalls and hidden treasures –



When most people travel to Thailand they rarely travel to places north of Bangkok. Why you might ask? Probably because people who travel to Thailand are longing for the sun, beaches and saltwater. That’s also what Thailand is famous for… that, Pad Thai and happy endings.
Let’s be clear: There’s so much more to Thailand than the things mentioned above!


It does however demand some planning, and for us, some public transport… Not the easiest in Thailand, unless you speak Thai of course. The closest to Thai I got at this moment was Sawatdee-kah and Khob Khun Kah, hello and thank you.
We made the trip in two stops, Chiang Mai and then Pai. Once we got to Pai we rented a motorbike to get us around easier.


Pai has the most gorgeous sunsets, the ways to experience them are unlimited.
We took the moped to Pai Canyon and hiked up the mountains.
Whilst there was quite a lot of people at the bottom there’s so many different edges and roots you could take once you reached the top.
This gang were sitting on the edge enjoying the sun setting behind the mountain range.

Why does this photo remind me of a Corona commercial?! Haha.

The safety precautions are different in Thailand. There’s no fences or limits to where you can go. It’s quite scary when you think about it really. It feels like you’re doing something you’re not supposed to…


There are lots of waterfalls in Pai, spread out in the jungle so they are mostly in the shade, something you can use a little of in the Thai-heat :D. Totally possible to swim, and if you’re a daredevil you can jump off some cliffs around. Depths of the pools can be different though so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Pai_2015-8-2This photo is taken at Mo Paeng Falls.

The townstreets of Pai is like the Thai version of Byron Bay or Melbourne, there’s many funky cafés and hippies. In the evenings they have live music or theme nights. There are markets and street food on the walking streets every night and it’s a pleasure walking around the stands eating dinner in tiny portions on paper plates.

Pai_2015-6-2Can’t get lost if you don’t care where you are!

Pai_2015-10Another place that is supposed to be pretty for sunset is Temple on the Hill (Wat Phra That Mae Yen). The big white Buddha.
We went there during the daytime and the sun was BLASTING.

There’s a couple (400 or so) steps to reach the top and it’s recommended to wear a very large hat and/or something to wrap your shoulders with… otherwise the sunburn could be… severe. The heat when you walk these steps is not a joke.


There’s a lot of small places you can rent a room or a hut in. We stayed with a man who had a gorgeous garden with a couple of huts in. He helped us out a lot, getting our moped and driving us to the bus.


I prefer staying with small businesses when traveling like this. First of all the service and connection to the culture is much more valuable, also I know my money will go towards a family instead of a big company.


Have any of you’s been to Pai? Or northern Thailand?
Let me know your favourite places to visit in the comments :D.


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